Summer Holiday Homework
Mandatory Public Disclosure
CUET (UG) - 2023
Landing Of Chandrayan 3 on the Moon

Festeggiare Amicizia
24 and 25 Aug 2023

Mandatory Public Disclosure SARAS
Principal's Message
The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple. 100 years is an occasion to rejoice and celebrate and to feel proud of the achievements and look forward with great hope. I thank the Almighty God for guiding and inspiring this....
About School
Value Education and Catechetic for Christians forms an integral part of the School Curriculum. The primary aim of the teaching faculty of the Convent of Jesus and Mary is to make God known and loved; therefore, the spiritual...
Our Foundress
Claudine Thevenet was a woman called by God to form the Congregation of the Religious of Jesus & Mary. Her work was born in a heart crushed by the pain of personal tragedy. During the French revolution, her two brothers were shot to ...
CBSE Toppers ( 2022-23)
  • Aadya Sinha
  • Lisa Srivastava
  • Devanshi Pradhan
  • Siya Gupta
  • Vaanya Mehra
  • Garima Pant
  • Paridhi Jain
  • Stuti Gupta
-------------Thought for the day-------------

"Think that God alone will be your judge, He alone your reward. God alone can be displeased with you, He alone loves you truly and can make a saint of you ."

In the service of God one must have a large, generous heart which means, a heart well rooted in humility.

A soul enamoured of Jesus Christ yearns to live in order to suffer because a life spent in suffering is far too precious in God's sight.

A heart filled with love of God, longing to die out of love cannot bear to see God loved so little.

Let the crucifix we wear to be our mirror so that we may conform our life to that of our guide and model,Jesus.

Humility, obedience , silence and prayer are the wings with which a soul flies to God. "Give me an obedient soul and I will give you back a saint"

The Lord does not love and then abandon. Therefore have faith courage, Joy.

Obedience is a marvelous wand that turn into gold all it touches.

God rejoices greatly in a soul that rests in nought but God alone.

Pure is the love that is silent and bears the pain that silence entails.

Divine love is a fire which inflames souls,purifies them, illumines them and makes them one with God.