House System

To work for effective management and discipline and to foster loyalty, pride and deep love for the alma mater, the school has established a House System, whereby each student will be allocated one of four houses. The names of the houses signify ideals for students to work in a spirit of excellence.

Encounter (Red) – Always strive forward

Endeavour (Blue)- To the stars, through endeavour

Endurance (Green)- Through endurance, we conquer

Enterprise (Yellow)- Leadership by example

Each house is headed by a Captain and an Assistant Captain, who derive inspiration and guidance from their House Mistress. The House Mistresses, Captains and Assistant Captains are an integral part of the Student Council.

Student Council: The Council consists of the Head Girl, Asst. Head Girl, Catholic leader and Asst. Catholic leader, Games Captain and Asst. Games Captain, the four House Captains and their Vice Captains, the Council Mistresses, and the four House Mistresses.

The Council meets regularly to analyse, organise and execute all school activities - both day-to-day and inter-house events. The maintenance of daily discipline is, to a large extent, in their hands. In this, they will be helped by every member of the staff.

Besides, as representatives and the voice of the student body, they are allowed to express themselves on any issue that is a cause of concern to the student body.

Eligibility for Student Council: Students of Class XI are eligible to stand for the posts of Head Girl, Catholic leader, Games Captain and House Captains. The students of Class X can stand for the post of Asst. Head Girl, Asst. Catholic Leader, Asst. Games Captain and the four Asst. House Captains.

Method of Election: Election for the Student Council will be held every year. The Senior Student Council will be elected from the current Class XI and the Junior Student Council from the current Class X. Each Student Council group, that is, Senior and Junior, will consist of seven girls.

Nominations will be done by students, teachers and the Principal.

The Principal, in consultation with the staff, will nominate the student who are to stand for election. This is followed by elections by the staff and students.

From the elected list of students, the Principal will assign the following positions :

  1. Head Girl;

  2. Catholic Leader;

  3. Games Captain;

  4. House Captains and their respective assistants.