Discipline in the Bus

Students entitled to travel on a bus route are responsible for maintaining order in the school bus in the interest of discipline and safety. Therefore, the following rules must be observed.

  1. No student should stand on the footboard.

  2. The students' behaviour in the bus must be polite and ladylike. Loud talking, playing games, swinging on overhead rails and running up and down in the bus must be avoided.

  3. The teacher on the bus will appoint a Prefect, who will be responsible together with the teacher for the seating and standing arrangements in the bus. As a general rule, seats will be allotted to the smaller children. Needless to say, every student will be given a seat. Teachers will have seats in the front and the rear of the bus, guarding the entrances.

  4. No student can change her bus route without written permission from the school office. This note will be signed by the teacher on the bus and handed to the driver of that bus.

  5. No student has the authority to change a bus or form a bus route other than that given in the school diary..

  6. Any student found guilty of the above will be debarred from travelling on the bus.

  7. Parents of students are not allowed to travel in the bus in any situation.

  8. Parents are requested to see that children board the correct H-Bus and younger children are escorted back home.

    *Parents whose children travel on H-buses are requested to take prior written permission from the Principal if they want the child not to travel back by bus on that day.

    Bus facilities will be offered to students only on availability of seats.