Our Achievements
Total Achievements : 63

Event Date : 17th Aug, 2023
Description :

Our KG-C Students Sarah Jass and Amaira Jass participated in the John and Dorsey Inter School Competition. It was held in Faith Academy. They had to make a panoramic view of the city only using Tear and Paste.

Event: 2nd Devasia Sir Memorial interschool cultural Festival
Event Venue : St. Xaviers Sr Sec School
Event Date : 5th Aug, 2023
Description :

The 2nd Devasia Sir Memorial interschool cultural Festival at St. Xaviers Sr Sec School was held from 3rd to 5th August 2023. Three students of class XII-D Devika Bahl, Urvashi Gupta & Mehak Jindal participated in the graffiti art competition on 4th August 2023 and secured the second position. 

The theme, of the Graffiti Art event was ' Sustainable Development' and our focus was on the topic ' Peace, war

and Institution'. We represented war and peace through Greek gods and goddesses. We also showed a melting clock which depicted that time won't halt for anyone and we should take quick action.

Event: National School Games 2023
Event Venue : Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Swimming Complex,Delhi
Event Date : 6th Jun, 2023
Description :

Titiksha Rawat of class XC participated in National School Games 2023 that were held from 6 June to 12 June at the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Swimming Complex, Delhi. She participated in 400 m freestyle,200 m freestyle, and 4×100 m freestyle relay, she made us proud by winning Gold, silver, and bronze respectively.

Event: Various Swimming Championships
Event Venue : Delhi
Event Date : 26th Apr, 2023
Description :

Titiksha Rawat from IX-C has made the school proud by winning various swimming championships under different categories. She has won the Delhi State Junior Aquatic Championship, Junior National Aquatic Championship, Khelo India Junior Women Swimming Award and the Inter School Swimming Championship in 2022.

Event: Hindi Creative Writing
Event Venue : Ramjas Primary School
Event Date : 22nd Apr, 2022
Description :

Smriti Gosain from VIII-A won a consolation prize for Hindi Creative Writing at Ramjas Primary School on 22nd April 2022.

Event: National Para Badminton Championship 2022-23
Event Venue : Dr Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Event Date : 26th Mar, 2023
Description :

Samaira Kanwat of Class X-D had participated in the Fifth National Para Badminton Championship 2022-23 held in Dr Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh from 23 to 26 March 2023. She won the Silver medal in Women’s/GS ,SL-4 event.

Event: Essay Writing Competition
Event Venue : Online
Event Date : 5th Mar, 2023
Description :

Anubhavi Khanna of XII A participated in an online essay writing competition conducted by Northeastern University London, College of Humanities. The competition was announced in November and the result was released on 5 March 2023. She chose to write on the topic Law: Must we always obey the law? And was given a certificate of High Commendation by the University.

Event Venue : Ahlcon International School
Event Date : 18th Oct, 2022
Description :

VYAKTITVA is a Humanities fest held every year by Ahlcon international school. It aims at providing the participants with knowledge beyond the books yet rooting deep into humanities as a subject. It provides students with a platform to expand to their horizon, Showcase their talents and at the same time learn something new. we had an enriching and stimulating experience at the competition. Lastly, I would also like to thank our teachers without whose guidance and support this achievement of ours would not have been possible.

Event: Science Competition 'Trash to Toys'
Event Venue : The Vasant Valley school
Event Date : 16th Jul, 2021
Description :

Veera Wason of Class VII-C bagged the first position in the Science Competition held at the Vasant Valley school in the category 'Trash to Toys'.

Event: Inter school German Competition
Event Venue : Tale with a Twist event
Event Date : 16th Jul, 2021
Description :

Bhavya Arora of Class IX-B stood 1st in an Inter school German Competition in the Tale with a Twist event.

Event: WINNING PANEL 'Ramification of privatization of Space Exploration'
Event Venue : The Vasant Valley School
Event Date : 16th Jul, 2021
Description :

Aadya Sinha of Class IX-A was a part of the winning panel in a inter school panel discussion on 'Ramification of privatization of Space Exploration' was held on the 16th of July hosted by The Vasant Valley School.

Event: Lenovo SmartEd Scholarship
Event Venue : ONLINE
Event Date : 30th Jun, 2021
Description :

Odrisha Mukherjee of Class IX has won Lenovo SmartEd Scholarship. The Hindustan times Lenovo scholarship was an initiative by Lenovo and Hindustan Times to know about the scenario of online education from a student’s perspective. There were over 60,000 entries from all across the country. For Round 1, the best 200 entries were shortlisted, who were called for an interview with the senior panellists. Out of those 200, the best 100 entries were shortlisted for prizes. This scholarship program was held for classes 5-12. A minimum of 12 entries were selected from each class from all across the country. The finalists won tablet PCs and laptops.

Total Achievements : 63