School Discipline

1. If a student is found violating the rules and mission of the school constantly, the student may be asked to leave.
2. Students who stay away from P.T., Art Education(visual and performing), Library and Club classes will be dealt with severely.
3. Students once present in school will not be allowed to leave schoolpremises before 1.30pm.
4. Students are accountable to the school authorities for their behaviour both in school and out of school, particularly when they are in their schooluniform.
5. If a student is found outside the school premises during working hours without the written permission of the school authorities, the Principal will be forced to take strict disciplinary action which, if deemed fit by the management, may lead to expulsion.
6. The school management has decided to adopt a policy ofzero tolerancetowards the following:

• Bringing mobile phone, smart watches, cigarettes, camera,1aptop, clothes, shoes, knife, matchbox, gifts for friends and teachers and others gadgets is strictly prohibited. If confiscated it will be returned at the end of the academic year with a fine.
• Staying away from class intentionally within the school campus.
• Bullying other students as per Protection of Children from SexualOffencesAct.
• Bringing any kind of contraband material such as alcoholic drinks or aerated drinks mixed with alcohol or anydnig orintoxicant.
• Smoking
• damage to school property, i.e. furniture, apparatus and everything within the schoolpremises.
• Collecting money without the permission of the principaloranyothermoneytransaction.

Strict disciplinary action including suspension/dismissal, compensation will be taken if any student is involved in any of the above.

7. The School is not responsible for conti-party or any other parties.