Principal's Message

Principal's New Year Message 2021

Dear Parents, Teachers and Students

Another calendar year is drawing to an end. When we look back, what do we see? What emotions do the events of this year’s journey around the sun bring? Perhaps the year has been dominated by covid 19, sadness or discord, and we won’t be sorry at all to see it go. Perhaps 2020 will stand out in our memories for unexpected and surprising moments of joy. Maybe we’ll be glad for what we learned, even if that schooling was difficult and unwelcomed. God was at work. As we reflect back and look forward is to remember every moment of this past year. And because of that, no matter what, because of God, we can move on the journey – in peace. Loving God, thank you for another year of life and your faithful, loving presence.

Tomorrow starts a new year. It’s usually a time for resolutions, a time to give some thought to where we have been and where we might be going.

Look at our life. Make a sincere effort to find out in which single area we can improve. Focus on charging that part of our life. Prayer to that single resolution, asking God to help us make that change.

Let us welcome the New Year 2021 with hope, happiness and joy. I wish you all a bright and prosperous New Year 2021.

God bless you!

God bless you!
Sr.Gracy Paul

Claudine Feast Day Message 3-2-2021

Good morning dear teachers, parents, well wishers and students,

Today is a very special and a happy day for all of us; very specially CJM Families in India and all over the world. In 1818, 6th October Claudine responded to the call of a unique teacher and planted a seed for the Congregation of Jesus and Mary. That seed grew up and spread branches in 6 continents, established institutions to nurture the young children among them the poor girls. For this the pedagogy of St. Claudine was love. She was an educator by vocation and woman of love and faith. She wanted to form women capable of earning their living by honest work to make a happy home.

She helped the students and taught the teachers to be true to themselves , to be simple, carry out duties responsibly, to be impartial and dedicated, teachers and sisters to be real mothers to the children entrusted to their care. For that Claudine used her methods, like prevention of faults, attention to the individual, concern to give practical formation, preference to the poor, especially, for those who have the most faults and the fewest qualities. Claudine was a bridge maker. She encouraged and enabled people who have trusted in her to take any risk and cross the barrier.

On this day, the feast of our Foundress, I can visualize St. Claudine as a bridge builder of her time. She brought hope to the hopeless, love to the loveless, meaning to those who had lost meaning, reconciliation to those separated by walls, new life to those destroyed by war. After 2020 years we too are called to renew our commitment to continue the legacy as bridge builders for a new tomorrow, especially to the youth, the vulnerable and to our common home, Mother Earth.

I have a poem for you named ‘The Bridge’ by Joy Cowley

The Bridge by Joy Cowley

There are times in life
When we are called to be bridges,
Not a great monument spanning a distance
And carrying great loads of heavy traffic,
But a simple bridge to help one person from here to there
Over some difficulty
Such as pain, fear, grief, loneliness,
A bridge which opens the way
For on-going journey.

When I become a bridge for another,
I bring upon myself a blessing
For I escape from the small prison of self
And exist for a wider world,
Breaking out to be a larger being
Who can enter another’s pain
And rejoice in another’s triumph.

I know of only one greater blessing
In this life, and that is,
To allow someone else
To be a bridge for me.

Wish you all a very Happy Feast. May St. Claudine bless each one of you to bring peace by building bridges. Then with her we too say “How Good God Is!”

Sr. Gracy Paul